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the future of EIFS

Changing the future of the EIFS Industry

Originally introduced in the 1960s, EIFS have been around for almost half a century. It is about time we see an improvement in the way we insulate our homes and Corner Point's ExpertEIFS is the leading innovator in this field.
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Our mission

Pushing the boundaries of standards from accepted to expected to exemplary.

ExpertEIFS has established a reputation for exceptional quality and service in the exterior cladding industry by combining the art of stucco application with the science of insulation since 2001 across Southwest Ontario. Immense experience and synergy let us accommodate any type or size of a project anywhere in Canada. Our traditions of craftsmanship and satisfaction in our work are evident in all aspects of our accomplished projects.

With a high quality track record in educational, commercial, institutional, and residential projects, our client list includes members from commercial and residential developers, general contractors, and renowned professional engineering firms. We are prequalified contractors of well known property management companies, design groups, and engineering firms, and are a dedicated member of the EIFS Council of Canada and frantic supporters of the Quality Assurance Program.

Guided by Honesty, Shown through Quality

Our ten guiding principles are made to provide all of us at ExpertEIFS common ground to operate on. Yes industry standards exist, but we’re not just here to meet them. We’re here to do our work so exceptionally well that we set new and higher standards for others.